Monday, June 21, 2010

Pulling the rugs out from under us

As we've gone through our entire house and the garage, looking for things we really don't need to bring with us (Steve took a Goodwill run yesterday), we noticed something curious: we can't find any of our area rugs.

Of all the things to go missing, these are things that we actually will need at the new house, which is hardwood (or ceramic tile) throughout, including the bedrooms. We had four rugs rolled up and tucked out of the way in the garage: a neutral Sears rug, a cheap IKEA sisal rug, a big square berber rug (a remnant we had edged), and a hand-knotted wool Persian-type rug that Steve bought in Egypt before we were married.

At first, I accused Steve of doing some "unauthorized purging," but when the wool rug was not found, then I knew something fishy was up.

How does one lose a bunch of rugs? It's not like something you tuck into a safe place and then forget where that safe place was! And they're big, so it's not like someone walking by could trot up into an unattended garage, grab a rug and run away.

But the only conclusion we can come to is that someone stole our rugs. Who, when, how, and why are all open to speculation.

And I'm miffed.


  1. That's terrible! I hope they tripped on the rugs while carrying them off and broke both their legs.

  2. I'm baffled. I can't picture anyone stealing rugs, but ??

  3. Who pulled the rugs out from under your feet? :)
    Mary Ann

  4. Last November I bought the most beautiful bird house. All hand painted by an artist. It was on the porch all winter and this Spring ??!! It's gone. Someone must have taken it. :(

  5. @Anonymous - someone stole a birdhouse!!? It's all just too bizarre.


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