Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Backyard fantasy

Check out these pictures: the backyard at our new house in Ottawa is pitiful. It looks even worse in person, if you can believe it. But I prefer to perceive it as a blank slate, a place where I (with a whole team of contractors and my sister-in-law's talents) can create a place of wonder, just like we did at our last house in Ottawa.

As is my wont, I've started sketching designs. Below is the current plan for turning the scrubby backyard into a place where I would like to dwell. Just about the only things that will remain after we're done are the existing mature trees and the cedar hedges along both sides of the lot.

One of the objectives is to have absolutely no lawn in the backyard, so whatever isn't patio will be garden. By keeping the grass out of the yard we achieve several things:
  1. Nothing to mow.
  2. Less water use.
  3. No grass invading the gardens.
The gazebo won't come for a few years; likewise the patio doors from the dining room (which will provide easier access from the kitchen). For now, access will be from the sunroom or from the door near the powder room. Some of the trees will be planted new, so it'll take a few years before the yard looks as lush as I've tried to illustrate.
So that's the plan for now. I'll post updates once we get started.

[You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.]

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