Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday-night Insomnia

Groannn. It happens to me almost every Sunday night: I go upstairs at a reasonable hour (9:30), brush my teeth, get into my jammies and read a book, hoping to feel drowsy at around 10:00. Doesn't happen.

Last night, both Steve and I tossed & turned, fussing with blankets and pillows. I even tried some relaxation exercises, to no avail. After a while, Brian came in and said he was scared, so I went and snuggled him in his bed. Often that will make me sleepy. This time: fail. (Though Steve had finally drifted into the land of slumber.)

So I got up and read a chapter of my new book ("Big Stone Gap" - good book, so far, but not great). I had a glass of wine and a sliver of cheddar. When I found myself feeling head-heavy, I climbed back upstairs and finally fell asleep at about 2:30.

Needless to say, it was brutally hard to get up when the alarm chirped at 06:30 this morning!

I've heard that Sunday-night insomnia is common as people get stressed out thinking about the coming week. What about you? Do you have trouble on Sunday nights? What tricks do you use to deal with it?

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  1. I'm not so bad on Sunday nights in general, but any Sunday after a holiday is pretty horrible. The worst are definitely the Sunday nights before starting back to school in the fall, and the Sunday nights before starting back to school after Christmas break. I don't sleep well before officially starting back (the night before the week of pre-planning), but it's worse a week later- the night before the kids return, even though I don't usually think I feel stressed about it...


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