Monday, March 8, 2010

Air head

It's happened, just as I feared: I have nothing to say. I was so excited when I started this blog, thinking that something must happen in every day of my life that is worth sharing with you.

But I have to admit that my life is really rather boring. It's pretty much conflict-free, and everyone knows that conflict is what creates the drama in any story.
  • I was going to write about my diet failure today: I ate 3/4 of a panini for lunch, then had a piece of birthday cake to help celebrate a colleague's special day. (Yeah, right, I ate the cake so he would feel better. As if.) But that's just too depressing.
  • I thought about writing about our breakfast-for-dinner inspired by a friend's Facebook post about bacon. Instead I just posted a reply to his post. More appropriate.
  • Our cat, Elly, is adorable and started licking my arm after she finished her own bath; she almost inspired me to write about her. But that is a little too old-cat-lady-ish. (Won't stop me from posting her picture, though. Isn't she sweet?)
  • I could write about my nascent job-hunt in Ottawa, but that really hasn't started in earnest, although I've actually applied for two government jobs and I check the new listings daily. And I've spread the word to friends and former colleagues that I will be looking for work. But it's still too early to be taken seriously, I think. What do you think? Is it too early? We won't be "up and running" in Ottawa until about mid-August, though I could fly up earlier and let the family join me later, for the right job.
So, from today's meanderings there are four topics you could comment on: diet struggles, bacon as an all-day food, cat-lady tendencies, or timing of the job hunt. Weigh in!

(Sorry about that pun. But I'm leaving it there anyway.)


  1. I am totally craving bacon these days! Funny for a 7 year vegetarian re-converted only a year ago... we had a "California Club" pizza last night that I made with avocado and bacon, yum! Don't think I'm ready to go this far though:
    Or worse:

  2. @PinkChica - Definitely not ready for bacon beans. Ick. Your pizza sounds yummy. I craved different things with each pregnancy: oatmeal porridge, olives, ice cream, apples.


What did you think? Any comments?

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