Thursday, March 18, 2010

Looking forward to our week on the ocean

We're packing tonight and heading out to our timeshare in California tomorrow afternoon!

If I were writing this from Ottawa, I'd be saying that I can't wait for the sunshine, but since we're here in Colorado, sunshine is not the big draw. Instead, it's about downtime, spending time with each other, no "musts" on our to-do lists. We're packing board games, cards, beach blanket, and toys.

Well, except we do have one must-do: go whale-watching! I can't wait. I've never been whale-watching before, but I've heard it's wonderful and have been warned that I'll take a kazillion pictures, and that most of them will be taken too late. I promise not to post any truly dull photos.

As a postscript, Katie is doing much better now. She saw the doctor again and was given an anti-spasmodic for her tummy. That seemed to do the trick, though she says her shoulder has started hurting again, so who knows?

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