Friday, January 29, 2016

Oh, Interwebs!

Boudoir photography has become a "thing" -- women have sexy photos taken of themselves,
and then give them to their partners. This fellow gives it a twist and spoofs those photo shoots, with funny
(and surprisingly sexy) results. I love that he keeps his glasses on in most of the pictures.
See more (if you dare) on Pleated Jeans.
Welcome to my periodic round-up of things I've found online that make me smile, cry, laugh, think, shout, or drop my jaw. 


I can't understand a word they're saying, but it doesn't matter because I'm only looking at the dancers anyway.


It's satire, but it's not really funny: Please don't get murdered at school today.


One of my friends introduced me to Iurie Belegurschi, a photographer in Iceland. I now follow his Facebook page. You might enjoy it, too.


Which came first: the name or the job?


WORLD-RENOWNED jeweller Chopard has collaborated with Harrods to create a haute joaillerie [snooty word for fancy jewellery] collection inspired by Walt Disney's Princesses. This one is my fave. You can see more here.


  1. The jewellery is actually quite beautiful. At least I saw the Sleeping Beauty set with the birds. Not sure I would actually wear them though.
    That guy is too funny. Really shows how contrived the "sexy" posing of women is too. But still, is hilarious.

    1. I loved the jewelry, too. If I had the money and occasion to wear one of them, I would choose between the Tiana or Belle collars. Love them.


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