Friday, July 17, 2015

Grammar Ninja: Encyclopedias and Babies

Don't be deceived by my radio silence, my grammar-loving friends. Grammar Ninja is alive and well and biting her tongue on a regular basis. Today's rant is short & sweet.

Here's the sweet part:


Oh, so precious. Whoever received this fresh bit of heaven into their family must just be over the moon. They are undoubtedly sending photos to all their friends and family spread willy-nilly across the globe inviting all and sundry to welcome the "new edition."

[Apply brakes loudly. SCREECH!]

No, no, no! This baby is a new addition.
Edition: a version of something that already exists.Addition: Something that supplements or increases.
Encyclopedias have editions; families have additions.

That is all.

UPDATE: Here's a bonus picture -- and the reason why I don't usually correct people online.

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