Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Accidental Photography Expedition

Putting on the collar. (I'm in love with that little flick of his tongue.)

When I signed up for the Providence Bay Writers' Camp, I learned that the gorgeous photos on Gail Anderson-Dargatz's website (go take a look; I'll still be here when you come back) were all taken by her husband Mitch Krupp, many of them taken on Manitoulin Island. So I knew I had to bring my camera with me.

The week became one of dual inspiration for me. In the mornings, I learned and talked about writing fiction; in the other hours, I captured the beauty of this wild land.

Our very first evening at the cottage, which was right on the rocky shore, we saw sand cranes -- so well camouflaged against the shore plants that I didn't see them at first.

There are two -- can you see them?
We saw a great deal of this (Kane's back end) as he explored the flora and fauna.

As always, I fell in love with the flowers.

 The breeze across the bay never ceased (until after sunset), which meant there were very few mosquitoes or other flies.


I do not know what this is.
I even woke up early one morning -- without an alarm or anything -- and caught the sunrise!

Spider's web at dawn
I only did that once; sunset is my more usual friend.

Shake it off
Kane could not get enough of the water. This is the first time we've seen him encounter waves -- and he loved them.

He's already got the stick, but he needs to chase those waves.
I'm so glad we brought him with us.

But he did try to swim out to these geese -- and might have made it if we hadn't called him back. He showed no signs of giving up even as the geese swam ever deeper into the bay.

Many of my favourite pieces were abstracts -- impressions of light on water.





And impressions of light.

Komorebi: Japanese for 'light shining through leaves'
Dancing coals

As often happens with art, one form inspires another. So here's a little 'found' poem inspired by today's photos.
Sunrise, sunset, afternoon
Rush of water prisms falling
Komorebi light through leaves, I glance
Dancing coals

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