Friday, May 29, 2015

Must be a slow news day.

A screen cap from Col. Chris Hadfield's Facebook feed.
Sometimes, you just have to wonder what goes through the news editor's head when they're assigning stories.

I mean, there had to be a context for the "average number of mosquitoes" article (which I did not read because, really, who cares?) -- perhaps there had been a really wet spring and there were concerns about a Malaria outbreak? Or disappointment that anti-mosquito treatments had failed?

And other times, it looks like they were desperate for a story -- any story! -- as happened while the world impatiently awaited the birth of the royal baby.
It's like the editor sat down and said, "Okay, team. The royal vagina is taking too long and we're losing readers. We need something with Princess Diana's name in it. Go!"

And after the birth, well!

I mean, seriously! What else is she going to say: "Damn. We were hoping for more testicles"? Likewise, Prince Harry was quoted before he had even met the little princess.
Admittedly, that one was probably posted because Harry is considered a Right Royal Hunk. Like Ryan Reynolds.

"Or he may have been sleep-deprived." |
I'll be the first to admit that I'll click almost any link that has Ryan Reynolds' name in it. But this one really just defines "fluff." So does this one:

I can honestly say that I have no idea what Ryan Gosling's natural hair colour is. Not-brown?

I think we should all be alarmed that anything relating to Paris Hilton made the "trending news" feed on Facebook.

Her look says, "Get a life." |
I can't imagine how annoying it must be for a couple to find that their lunch date has become national news.
Half of my friends would qualify for this headline, assuming you replace the name of the team. I mean, really? This is news?

Alas, I think this news-free-news trend is going to continue. The 24-hour craving for the latest updates on the minutiae of celebrities' lives is too strong to let it go away. Nevertheless, I shake my head.


  1. I confess I clicked both Ryan links and the hot ginger Prince. Sometimes, I don't mind a slow news day. LOL
    however, I have to say that I am happy to hear that the Afflecks did have lunch.... because I think it was only 2 days the same paper reported that they were heading for divorce. So.... happy day right? haha
    but Cmdr. Hadfield's Twitter is gold. Some of the photos he tweeted while on the ISS were incredible.

    1. No way! Ben and Jennifer on the rocks? That would be almost as devastating (personally) as if Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson split up. Can. Not. Happen.


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