Friday, October 24, 2014

Day of Rest

Flowers on my sister's balcony.
By September 28th, Winkie and I had been travelling for 11 days.

Our hosts, both in Holland and in Switzerland, had been very thoughtful about giving us time to lie down on comfortable beds and feeding us healthy, hearty meals, but we'd had a steady stream of full days, so it was very welcome to spend a day mostly at home.

I say "mostly" because we did make an excursion to Divonne-les-Bains, France, to scour their weekly market.

As I went through my photos from that morning, I wondered for the umpteenth time why I haven't done a photo essay on our beautiful fresh-air markets here in Ottawa.

I swear, these were the most perfect strawberries I have ever seen. I did not "clone out" a single blemish or flaw.
They were tasty, too!
And I will do so, some day, but for now I'll enjoy my memories of the typical French market with bowls full of prepared foods (lemon-cured eggs, anyone?), bright flowers, and even clothing (I bought a dress and a pair of pyjama-style pants).

The crowds were elbow-to-elbow. I got the impression that the market was a regular part of the local routine.

I don't think I've ever seen rotisserie chicken in a North American open-air market.
We were on a bit of a deadline, as we had to return home for my sister's annual neighbourhood picnic. I took no pictures there, but I did get to hold a 3-month-old baby for a little while, which satisfied my nurturing needs.

And then it was time to rest. It was such a nice interlude that I posted this picture to my Facebook page as my daily contribution to my latest round of 100 Happy Days.

Day 65: A Sunday-afternoon nap.
A sweet respite from our busy days of touring. #100happydays

(My hair is NEVER curly. I'm not sure what happened here.)
After naps, we went to the nondenominational Westlake Church in Nyon, where my brother-in-law is pastor, then came home to a lovely meal and a quiet evening.


  1. the Byward Market is pretty fantastic! but these are beautiful pictures too. And I really want some olives now. ha
    nice selfie! you don't even look that tired. When I look tired.... I look TIRED. :(

    1. Haha! Let's hear it for overexposed pictures! (And believe me: I tried a few angles before I found one that was flattering.)


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