Thursday, June 12, 2014


Acupuncture on my knee
'Way back in April, I wrote about hip pain that had put me on bed rest (for a day). When bed rest and continued walking didn't resolve the pain, I ended up seeing a massage therapist who also did acupuncture. I love her.

Since my first appointment, she has steadily worked her way through almost every joint in my body. As the hip pain receded, my ankle went out. As the ankle healed, my wrist went awry. And so on. Every week it has been something new.

I feel like she is chasing the pain around me.

Have you ever tried to get a bit of eggshell out of egg white? It's like that -- just as she gets close, the shell (pain) slides to another spot.

Last Thursday, it was my lower back, which seized up after I did a little too much gardening. Massage worked wonders, but then my foot broke in half.

That's what it felt like. After dinner as I stepped to the dishwasher a shooting pain ran right up the middle of my right foot, from between my middle toe and the one to its right. Excruciating. I hobbled around over the weekend, putting my weight on the heel.

On Monday, the doctor noticed tenderness right where I dropped my iPad on it a year ago, when it looked like this:
An esthetician once told me I had beautiful feet.
I think the flaking skin really brings out the best. Hah!
So she sent me for another x-ray, just to see if some arthritis or something else was amiss. (Haven't got the results back yet.)

I am so fed up with this Pain-of-the-Week subscription. I would like a couple of weeks, nay months, wherein I did not have to spend a day with ice/heat/tensor bandage/splint. Nor do I want a daily supplement of anti-inflammatories.

Stephen assures me that these are just the normal vagaries of growing old -- past injuries come back to haunt us, and we can't exert ourselves the way we used to without paying the price the next day.


  1. As you know I'm a big proponent of Tai Chi. The concepts behind Tai Chi and energy flow are very similar to acupuncture. If you think of acupuncture as a way of quickly relieving the "blockage" that causes pain, Tai Chi is a way to maintain the healthy "flow of energy". The blockage and energy flow terms are often used but there is science behind it. Check out some of the studies and it's actually quite impressive. I've been practicing Tai Chi for about 7 years after dealing with some long term back pain. Acupuncture helped relieve the pain but I have found regular Tai Chi practice has helped to keep the pain away. If you're not interested in a daily medication routine I would encourage you to try it out. If you're interested, a good start might be

    1. Great suggestion, Chris. In fact, I had looked into it quite a long while ago (after reading your blog), but was confused by the variety of Tai Chi options. This may be something Steve and I could do together when he retires, which is just weeks away!


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