Sunday, December 29, 2013

Handmade Christmas: the Easiest (and Healthiest) Gift

Go-goji Trail Mix, from Bulk Barn
After I added up the cost of making the Santa Hat Party Mix, and the cost of throwing out an entire pound of almonds, I decided that it might be wiser for me to just BUY the danged gifts.

So that's what I (sort of) did. I bought so Go-goji trail mix.

Steve snacks on granola and trail mixes by the mugful, so these were a special treat for him. This particular mix is a far cry from the good ol' raisins and peanuts (GORP) that we all grew up with, without adding candy to fancy it up.

The Goji berries are the orange-red elongated fruits. According to The Healthy Eating site, they are the most nutritionally dense fruit on this entire planet. Possibly even in this solar system or galaxy. I wouldn't question this information.

The cancerous looking berries are dried mulberries. I'm sure they aren't carcinogenic, nor do they have cancer themselves. Looks can be deceiving. In fact, I would lay money that they are an aphrodisiac in at least one culture. Nothing that ugly can be without sexy qualities.

As a matter of fact (I just googled), none other than Dr. Oz touts mulberries as "the hottest new superfood for battling diabetes, cholesterol and even heart disease while helping you lose weight by blocking sugar." No mention of aphrodisiac, but they may just be too shy to mention that. Or maybe we just have to connect the dots: strong circulatory system . . .

I could probably have drizzled them with white chocolate, but that might undermine the health quotient.

And then I put them in a handsome canister.

BAM! Done!

Between the stunning canister and the incredible health factor of this gift, I think I really outdid myself. I'll keep this one on my list. Total cost under $20.

For more of my Handmade Christmas gifts, visit this page. It has all ten posts, (including two fails)!

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