Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review

This year had a lot of big events, with some mundane things thrown in. Here are some of my personal favourite posts from 2013. (Blogger and Google Analytics stats are kind of screwed up. For example, "August 2010" is one of the top pages for 2013. Clearly there are bots cruising my blog.)


Dear adverb, I miss you terribly, wherein I let loose my grammatical curmudgeon, with a side of wit.


Broken-hearthed, in which I lament that never-ending construction on our fireplace. (It was done, but then it cracked.)


In Sweet Update, I shared that my diabetes control was going very well, with the help of Victoza and a new app that works on my iPad.


Things started getting busy in April. I dropped my iPad on my foot, which resulted in surprising misery. I also celebrated my mother's 85th birthday, and geared up for Steve's and my trip to Ireland (tip: it included bribes for our kids).


May was crazy! Beginning with our long-awaited trip to Ireland, then two weddings (Steve's nephew's, and my dear friend K.B.'s)

May was a crazily big month!


Most of my posts in June are actually about our trip to Ireland, but I did share the rather humiliating day when my brain stopped functioning and I drove too close to a solid object.


The most memorable event this July was the arrival of Scooter to our family.


August brought the birth of my first real foray into fiction with Methuselah, a piece of speculative fiction which may one day be a novel. Or not. It may just be a really long, multi-instalment short story.


In September, I rejoiced in the continuing bounty of our flower garden.


The highlight of October was our trip to Kingston to join Her Royal Majesty Princess Anne, the Princess Royal for dinner.


In November, I shared that I had decided to quit my job. After months of progressively worse health and some disturbing blood lab results, I came to the conclusion that I could not keep up the pace at work and allow myself to get better. It was a tough decision.


I finished working in early December and had the luxury of being able to make some of my Christmas presents.

But I also shared that our sweet dog, Scooter, was terminally ill with cancer. Scooter left us on Sunday, December 22.


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    1. I know, eh? I didn't realize what a whirlwind of change it had been until I pulled this post together.


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