Sunday, September 1, 2013

Warrior Pose

This is not me.
But you didn't need me to tell you that, did you?

I just signed up for my FOURTH consecutive yoga course. I know! I'm as shocked as you are. Possibly even more shocked. (I do love my well-worn divot of my sofa.)

But I have to confess that, from almost the first lesson, I've been committed. Why?

Almost immediate results:
  • The shoulder that had been aching for more than a year finally allowed me to sleep pain-free.
  • The morning stiffness in my back eased.
The shoulder was the biggest surprise. I'd tried some casual (and sporadic) stretching, even moving my arms in full motions throughout the day to keep the joint lubricated. I even switched my mouse to the left side of my keyboard. It wasn't working; there were days when I had to use my left arm to open doors.

On that very first session, when the instructor told us to hold our arms out at shoulder height, I thought, "Yah. Right." But I tried it, ever so gently, pushing past the little snap of pain into a comfortable spot, and I held my arms there like a CHAMP.

I thought for sure I'd be sore the next day, but I was wrong.

Then I got tired and skipped a class. By the time the next one rolled around, I was favouring my right shoulder again.

So I went back, and I've kept on going back.

For this past session, and the coming one, I've registered my daughter Emily as well, and we've made it a mother-daughter date night. We pick up groceries afterwards, or grab a quick bite. It's healthy girl-time.

So I've signed up again, and will probably keep on signing up.

And this time, I also signed up for swimming lessons!

We have a backyard pool, but I've really only ever paddled and splashed around in it. I haven't taken formal swimming lessons since grade school (and never mastered the proper turn-your-head-and-breathe thing).

Both, I think, are good moves toward a healthier, happier retirement. (Still a few years off; don't worry.)


  1. Good job! I love yoga. I should totally take a class!! I used to do it on our Wii, but it's packed until Feb.

    1. My husband is disciplined enough to do it at home, on his own. I am not. I might do a couple of stretches, but I never work on my balance poses at home.


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