Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lamentations of Wynn Anne

Empathetic kitty waved her tail in my face
while I lay prostrate with neck pain.
Aching joints and arbitrary pain
Beat me down to bed again,
Clinging to pillow and
Downy coverlet.
Eager for relief I reach for
Futile pills and unguents. They
Guarantee naught but prolonged days.

Hark, Lord!
I call to thee!
Jesus, lift me from this place!
Kneel beside my weakened form and
Lift me with your gentle arms.

Migraines wrack my pounding brain,
Nausea slams me back again.
Over and over and over -- the same.
Pulsing lights and empty hours spent
Questioning the whys and hows of
Redemption and of peace.

Sleep is sweet, while it lasts, until
Tomorrow comes with mounting bills.
Undone by stress and marching time, and
Vomit flung at importune times.
Weary am I,
X-hausted [Seriously? Ed.] by these
Years. I last, but rather would have rest, my
Zest for life eroded by this dolor.

Well. That sure was a miserable bit of poetry! I must add a few notes.
  1. I am not depressed. I have struggled with this in the past, and will undoubtedly do so again, but I am not now (despite the tone of this post). I'm just frustrated and am indulging in a little visit to "Pity City."
  2. My body has been dragging me through the sloughs of misery: anxiety attacks, worsening migraines, and various joint ailments have plagued me these past few weeks. Not to mention the diabetes that is my constant companion now.
  3. The verse above is a rather sloppy acrostic of the Roman alphabet. (My poet friends will cringe while reading, no doubt.) I chose the title of this post before I started writing it. In doing "research," I learned that the Book of Lamentations in the Bible is written (mostly) in acrostic form, using the letters of the Hebrew alphabet to begin each line. I thought it gave a nice structure to this post.
Despite my lamentations, I have woken this morning (mostly) pain-free, without nausea or flashing lights.

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