Monday, June 24, 2013

The stars are aligned.

Glamour horoscope for June 2013
I'm not a horoscope follower. I don't subscribe to daily or weekly bulletins warning me of risks or lucky numbers. I rarely ever read them and, when I do, I usually scoff at how generic they are.

Early in June, however, I happened to glance at the back pages of Glamour magazine and read the horoscope at left.

As it happens, I had been feeling a little malaise at my current job. I enjoyed the work I was doing, but was ready for more responsibility, different challenges.

I had dragged my heels about making a change because I've considered retiring at the same time as Steve does (only about a year and a half away). Why start something new when it will only last such a short time?

And then, coincidentally, I connected with a former colleague who told me about an opportunity that sounded like it was right up my alley: communications and staff-development support at a local university.

So I shot in my resume and was eventually accepted the job offer. Maybe this little fluff article was in the back of my mind. Who knows?

During salary negotiation, I learned that tuition is covered 100% by the university for staff and their immediate dependents. I happen to have three university-aged kids, and another one who will be graduating high school in 2014. Can you say bonus?

The tuition is a taxable benefit, but it's taxed at the student's rate, not mine, so it's a huge deal for us. And even if I decide to take courses myself (maybe it's time to do that Master's degree I've been putting off), it's a great benefit.

And then, last night while I was tidying my side table, I saw a scrap of paper.
Financial opportunity lies ahead.
As I said, I'm not about to start looking for omens and aligning the stars, but in this case, it is quite a coincidence of timing.

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