Friday, June 14, 2013

Can you where about the thing? Thanks.

So, first this happened.
Clearly, I was not firing on all lightbulbs in the drawer.
At the time, I was editing the website at work and worried that I might make a terrible error. So I packed up and headed home. 

As I got into my car, I thought, "I should be extra careful, since I don't seem to be thinking very clearly." I hadn't even made it out of the parking garage when . . .
The rear-view mirror from the driver's side.
I sideswiped the garage door, leaving me with a handful of this.
The broken pieces of the mirror.
Further proof that I was having a sleep-deprived moment: I actually considered whether we might not be able to glue the pieces back together. Seriously.

But I made it home - driving verrrrrrry carefully - without hurting anyone. I won't even think about using any electrical appliances. 

Boy! Am I ready for the weekend!

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