Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs!

One of the interesting things about travelling to new countries or regions is the idiosyncratic signage that you see along the way. Ireland proved to be no exception.

I kind of prefer this to "yield."
This is just misleading. To me, it implies that you are not allowed to return in less than one hour.
I think it means that you are not allowed to come back and move your vehicle to another slot.
I'm glad they spelled it out.
She does not look happy.
Also, she looks like she would like you to insert something in her hands. You go first.
"Keen Rates"
I guess those rates are pretty smart.
Big Brother makes time for dogs.
Or are the wardens themselves dogs?
Many of the toilets in Ireland required you to pump the handle, but there were no such instructions.
Clear enough, I think, though I don't usually think in terms of setting a person down.
Two comments:
1. Then fix it
2. What does this mean?
Frank was my dad's name, so I just liked this sign,

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