Saturday, March 9, 2013

Long in the Tooth

I always thought the expression "long in the tooth" meant that teeth kept growing as you got older, like ear lobes and noses do.

Instead, I noticed that the gums around my teeth seemed to be making a slow retreat, like glaciers.

When I visited the dentist last summer, he suggested I switch to a soft toothbrush as it would be gentler on my gums. Unfortunately, I unconsciously compensated by brushing harder.

Result: the gums got worse. :(

So I saw a gum specialist who informed me that I need surgery in three different locations in my mouth.(Double sad face.)

They had shown me a really short video in the office, but because I'm curious, I Googled the procedure. Here's a video to show you all the fun.

Looks easy enough. I'm sure I could do it in a pinch.

Yesterday, I had phase one. I opted for oral sedation (because I'm a wuss, and I don't believe experiencing greater anxiety adds any value).  Even so, my heart rate was high the entire time. It actually jumped 15 bpm when the dentist walked in.

The surgery itself didn't take too long - maybe half an hour. They finished up by pasting a product that looks like chewing gum over the surgical areas, to protect them. Great invention - kudos to whoever came up with it.

I came home, climbed into bed and slept. Steve brought me ice cream and my meds at 5 and 9, as ordered, and then I slept through the night. Today, I'm feeling swollen and a little tender, but not half as bad as I'd feared.

One down, two to go.


  1. Brave gal! I hear the graft site can be "ouchy"....or maybe your graft from some else dearly departed so to speak! I think I may need that in the future too. Thanks for the education piece.
    Take Care. xo

  2. The graft site is well protected, but the swelling along my jaw is hurting today. :(


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