Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hair Fail

Left: the concept          |            Right: the failure

I boasted mentioned a while ago that I've started a Pinterest board for hairstyles. The idea was to find inspiration for ways to keep my super-fine, stringy hair fashionable yet out of my face. (I hate it when hair touches my face. AHHH! GETITOFFMYFACE! kind of hate. It's like tiny strands of spiderweb . . . )


But lately I've been stuck in a rut. I pull my hair into a high ponytail, loosen it a little so it sort of poofs around my face, then wrap the tail around itself. You can sort of see the bun here.

It's not glamorous -- it's slightly "granny-ous," truth be told -- but it is tidy and professional and keeps the spiderwebs off my face. I like it. And it's good to have a go-to style that can be office-ready in less than 20 minutes (which is what it takes if I blow-dry and style).

But I do get bored. So I decided to click through my Pinterest options for inspiration.

The style shown in the picture at the top was called a low chignon. Very chic, very simple.

Very much meant for someone with thicker, wavier hair than mine, and probably with fewer layers cut into it. As my 'do slowly sprang out of it's bun, I pretended that I'd been going for a messy look. I took the picture just to see how bad it was. Conclusion: switch to a ponytail for the rest of the day.

Ah well. I'll keep trying. Let me know if you have any tips for skinny hair.

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