Sunday, May 13, 2012

Moderation is so hard!

Sweet Deception
Oh, my word! I am about to explode!

Emily gave her Mother's Day present to me early: a box of "no sugar added" chocolates. She chose these, mindful of my diabetes and my conflicting love for fine chocolate.

Now, I've learned that "no sugar added" does NOT mean "unsweetened." In fact, the sugar alcohol they use to sweeten these products can yield extremely unpleasant results, comparable to Traveler's Dysentery.

So on Saturday, I cautiously ate two delectable chocolates in the morning and two in the evening. There were no gaseous side effects, so I convinced myself that perhaps these chocolates were different.

On Sunday, I ate, um, many more than two.

Two hours later, I was trumpeting from my south end and warning Steve not to come near the master bathroom.

Will I never learn?

On the bright side, the candy did NOT raise my blood sugar, so there is that to say in its favour. I simply need to exercise a little restraint. Not my strong suit, to be sure, but being trapped in the loo for an afternoon should be motivation enough. One would think.

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