Saturday, April 21, 2012

Round Ireland with a Fridge

UPDATE: Original post was eaten by Blogger/iPad/Safari. This is a recreation and reflects updated information from Joe.

Castle in Ireland [Source]
A while ago, I posted Steve's and my "bucket list" of places we want to visit before we are too bent to walk. That list included Ireland. It lives in my mind as a place of magic and mystery, of green, and of beer. It also appeals to me because of a particular book that was loaned to us by my friend Joe.

Round Ireland with a Fridge
[Available on]
In Round Ireland with a Fridge, Tony Hawks tells the allegedly true story of how a beer-sodden bet led to his hitchhiking around Ireland with an apartment-sized fridge as a travel companion.
We had spoken of recreating Tony's trek as a sort of pilgrimage and one way to create an itinerary, and thought we might make the trip with our friends Joe and Mary. Steve and Joe share an affinity for single-malt Scotch that is old enough to order its own Scotch, while Mary and I share a preference for quiet and comfort.

Update: As it happens, Joe and Mary will be making the trip this year to mark their 25th wedding anniversary. Steve and I will do it some other year, probably 2013 and will learn from their adventures.

To add even more fun to their venture, Joe and Mary will be bringing a "flat fridge" along with them,  in homage to the Flat Stanley Project.  We could probably borrow their flat fridge when they are done with it, but would that be too derivative? Or maybe it would spawn a new meme?

Either way, I'm really looking forward to the trip!

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