Sunday, April 1, 2012

Only a fool sleeps late on April first.

Or, perhaps, the saying should be, "She who sleeps late on April Fool's Day deserves to have pranks played on her."

In any case, Peter took it on himself to have fun with my garden art. For reference, here are my front-yard bunnies, whom I have named Chamomile and Parsley.
Taken in October 2011.
I had always assumed they were both female, until I saw Peter's prank this morning:

I can't find my "before" picture of these two in our back yard, but it looks as though the doe is in for a surprise.
Hey, baby, how about a ride?
Both little tableaux have been put back to rights now, but I do thank Peter for a morning chuckle. Could've been a lot worse, am I right?

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