Friday, February 24, 2012

The Four-Day Cold, brought to you by Cold-FX

The following is an unpaid product endorsement.

Remember the old saw about the lofty value of "finding the cure for the common cold"? I don't think they use it anymore. It's all about the cure for cancer now.

But that may be because the makers of Cold-FX actually have found the cure for the common cold. I can't believe they did it and it didn't get more press. Seriously.

My first encounter with Cold-FX [blastedly annoying to type that!], came shortly after my sister-in-law, who works for a prestigious medical journal, told us about this new product. Health Canada, it seems, had vindicated the product's claims that it could prevent or relieve colds.

My daughter had a very, very bad cold. I was staying with her, even sharing a bed. We both started loading the Cold-FX. She got gradually better; I NEVER GOT SICK. Not even a sniffle.

Last week,  I got sick. I came down with a cold on Wednesday evening, and, by Monday morning, I was all better. Seriously: not a sniffle, not a scratch, no dirty looks from fellow passengers on the airplane. No sinus infection or bronchitis.

I followed the recommended regime:
  • Three capsules three times a day on the first day
  • Two capsules three times a day on the second day
  • One capsule three times a day on the third day
  • One capsule a day for "steady state"  (I don't actually take the one-a-day capsule unless I'm sick, though some people do.)
Now, this was a cold that had travelled through our office and our household, so I know how dreadful it could be. People were still sick a week or two later.

I've decided to keep a Cold-FX go-pack in my travel pack as well as a large bottle in our medicine drawer. This stuff is simply amazing.

By the way, we have tried the knock-off store-brand versions. They are NOT the same and do not get the same results.

Incidentally, I know it can be harder to find in the U.S., but you can buy it online. 

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