Saturday, February 4, 2012


A token of romantic love.
The prompt for this month's Gratitude Journal entry is "love - of all kinds." In her note to those of us who have subscribed, Karen Walrond (a.k.a. Chookooloonks) writes,
Yet, it seems to me a pity that we devote an entire 24 hours to celebrate romantic love, and no time at all to celebrate all the other types of love that are all around us -- love that, let's face it, is at least as plentiful (if not more so) than romantic love.
So, although you all know how nuts I am for Stephen, for my post this month, I'm focusing on storge, "fondness through familiarity, especially between family members or people who have otherwise found themselves together by chance," according to Wikipedia.

Often, while I am sitting in my living room reading or surfing the net, I'll hear my kids in the sunroom kibitzing, joking (sometimes making fun of good, old Mom), and it warms my heart. I love the relationship my kids have with each other. Sometimes, it is intense; sometimes it is not much more than background music, but it is always There.
Three of our four: Peter, Emily, Brian (Katie wasn't available)
They aren't saints or best friends, and they don't usually snuggle this close, but they care about each other.

And I am so grateful for that. I've seen siblings who don't treat each other with respect, let alone with affection. That doesn't happen often here, thankfully.


  1. Great story...enjoy reading your posts!

  2. Oh I had a good laugh! I thought you were talking about "storage"...couldn't quite get the connection! Thankfully, I reread it! LOL!

    It truly is a wonderful thing when sibs can have a fondness, inside jokes, and a kind of comfort being in each others company.



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