Monday, January 2, 2012

Resident Handyman

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Man at work.
Over the years, Steve and I have made a lot of improvements to the homes we've lived in, from minor things like putting up shelves to major improvements like finishing a basement or renovating a kitchen. 

Last winter he impressed me by figuring out what kept causing our bathtub to stop draining, and then fixing it in short order. (Unfortunately, this was after I'd already paid a plumber to fix it. Which said plumber did not do.) 

Most of the time I've taken for granted all the skills Steve brings to the table. He can handle basic plumbing, electrical, and carpentry and drywalling. Almost any renovation project I can imagine, he can implement. I am truly spoiled.

But while we were absentee landlords, we had to hire contractors to refinish a bizarre laundry-shower-bathroom-electrical closet-dungeon in the basement of our rental property. I was sadly shocked at how expensive it is to hired skilled labour! 

Recently, he ripped out a chunk of wall and has started building a curved arch where once there was a flat rectangular lintel.

The reason we ripped out the section of wall was this:
I forgot to take a "before" picture!
See how tight the wall is to the edge of the stove? In fact, the wall got progressively thicker so that it actually blocked the oven door from opening properly. You could yank it open, but it was a vigorous affair (and don't even think about holding anything sloppy like pie in your other hand). 

Fixing this inconvenience had long been on our home-improvement list. We debated shaving down the wall, narrowing a small part of it ... a number of options. And then we hit on the idea of simply widening the opening and re-drywalling without corner bead (which is what made that small bit of wall thicker. 

"And, oh, while you're at it, Steve," I asked, "could you put in a nice elliptical curve at the top?" 
In progress; still some puttying, sanding
and painting to be done.
No sooner asked than done. He was even patient with me when I changed my mind about the shape of the arch. 

So, for all of Steve's hard work in making our home a better place, I am very, very grateful. 

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  1. Actually, I enjoy doing this sort of thing. It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. And you are welcome.


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