Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Dance!

Yippee! I start next Wednesday as Communications Manager at a high-tech organization with its headquarters here in Ottawa.
In a previous post, I mentioned that I had been offered a short-term ("casual") government position in the health sector, and that paperwork was already under way for that job. So I called them today to let them know that I would, regrettably, not be taking that job. I offered them the name of a friend who happens to be an excellent communicator and works as a contractor/consultant, and who might be able to help them out with some of their projects. Unfortunately, I had to do all that in voicemail, and they haven't called back yet.

The job I've accepted is the one described as Job 2 in my previous post. It looks like a demanding job, with plenty of satisfying challenges for me and even some travel opportunities (I'll be in Toronto on November 24 and 25). And the fact that I can start almost immediately is perfect as well. I've missed having my own income and all the extras that it brings for the family. Not to mention how it will take the axe to the pool costs. Oh, and have you noticed how close we are to Christmas?

So I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief this afternoon.

And you'll never guess how I plan to celebrate when I get my first paycheck.

Cleaning services. Yup. I hate cleaning floors and bathrooms, but even more than that, I hate dirty floors and toothpaste-scummed sinks and mirrors and revolting toilets. When I am unemployed, I do the work myself of course, but when I have the income, I am only too happy to let someone else do the job.

So - happy dance!


  1. Fantastic! So happy for you! All the best in your new job :)

  2. Congrats!
    Joanne H.

  3. Yay!! Congratulations! Hope we'll get to see you for a visit when you're in TO.

  4. Good to see you all revved up again!

  5. I swear, should I ever win a lottery or find a giant sack 'o cash, the FIRST thing I'm doing is hiring a cleaning service. Seriously. I think the only thing I envy Susan for is her two (two!) cleaning ladies.

  6. TWO cleaning ladies? One for each baby?

  7. Yes, two. And that isn't even counting the day-time four days a week nanny, who cleans and does laundry when the babies sleep. It's hard life, yes?


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