Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Feet, cake, and a clean desk.


Today was my first day of work. I did not, however, wear either of the two pairs of shoes purchased for the occasion. Why? Because it rained today and I had failed to water-protect the new shoes, so they stayed home, safe and dry in my closet.

Instead I wore my hawt pleather boots.

They only have 3-inch heels, but my feet are only size six, so that incline is pretty steep. I figure it's the same angle that a 6-inch heel would be on a size eight foot. (Platforms don't count.)

And these feet are very out of practice.

And I took the bus.

And I had to dash out and redirect Emily at 4:00, and then walk to meet her again at 5:00.

As Stephen would say: "Wah! Wah! Wah!
Do we need to call the WAH-mbulance?"
Yah. He's real sympathetic like that. On the bright side, my hair did NOT disgrace me, at least not until the 4:00 dash.


And, even better, there was CAKE - and not just any grocery-store cake, but a swiss-chocolate-mousse layer cake. It was divine. The narcissist in me wishes I could say the cake was in honour of my first day at work, but it wasn't. One of the other employees had just become a father, so we celebrated.

Can I just say that I am very glad that he and his wife procreated? Keep up the good work.

Clean Desk

This is the first place I've worked that has a written clean-desk policy. And it's kind of awesome. The place looks really spiffy. Of course, I haven't been there long enough to accumulate the many tons of paper that will surely come my way, but it is certainly good motivation for me to start a good habit.


Aside from that, the first day was much as you'd expect: meeting lots of new people (whose names I will promptly forget), lots of reading and plenty of "drinking from a firehose" (as Stephen describes the sensation of trying to absorb gallons of new information in a very short amount of time).

Heading back to the hose tomorrow.

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  1. Isn't it great that you got to celebrate your first day with wonderful cake, yay! I don't know how anyone wears 3-inch heels, whether their feet are size 3 or size 10, YIKES


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