Friday, October 8, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood!

The fall colours have definitely arrived here - and may, in fact, be waning. And I am falling in love with our neighbourhood all over again. Let's go for a walk together!
The view from our front porch, if you look up.

 And the wonderful climbing tree across the street ...
 And into the forest.
 Then out of the forest and ...
 back into another part of it!
 A grand old maple. (If I had Photoshop - and knew how to use it - I'd totally remove those hydro lines.)
 An intersection on the way to Brian's school.

The garden in one neighbour's front yard. I don't know what those purple flowers are ...
they're like miniature purple daisies.
I don't know if I want my front yard to be quite this meadow-like,
but it sure is pretty!

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