Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting there

In some ways, we really haven't progressed very far since we moved in three weeks ago. But really, a lot of work has been done.

The biggest change is that we had the supplemental cabinets installed in the kitchen -- yippee! I am super excited about how the kitchen is turning out. We now have TONS of storage - in fact, several shelves (the high-up ones) are EMPTY. We actually have more storage space here than we did in Colorado, despite being in a smaller space - I am so impressed with how efficient drawers are. And we didn't even use the "blind corner" at all - just blocked it off (more about that later). And, bonus, IKEA just happened to be having their Kitchen Event when we purchased, so we got $350 of IKEA gift certificates!
Next up in the kitchen is to install matching granite countertop (next week), then tile the backsplash (also next week, I hope). I'm having a tough time choosing backsplash. We have narrowed it down to three options (use the poll in the right-hand column to tell me which one you would choose):

1. Classic subway tile in a pale grey to match the floor, with a steel-faced-tile accent stripe. The advantage of this one is that it is very light in colour, so it doesn't darken the room any further than the cabinets and countertop already do. The steel strip is very trendy and ties in all the appliances and the steel cabinet handles. (But "trendy" could make it look very dated in a few years. We all remember "harvest gold.") [These did not photograph very well, but I promise you, they look very chic.]
2. Slate-look stone small mosaic tiles. I love the colour and texture of these tiles, but wonder if it might be too "busy," especially given the multicolour countertop. Also, kind of dark.

3. Small, grey glass tiles. Oooh, I love glass tiles - the sheen, the depth as the light splashes through them. But I wonder if they will further darken the room.

In other, non-kitchen news, Steve built bookcases alongside the fireplace and installed a beautiful new mantelpiece. I like the design of that "feature wall." I love the extra storage (we really needed it) and love the heavier, classic mantelpiece, but I wish we'd used a thicker material for the shelving. It doesn't look substantial enough, and I strongly suspect the shelves will sag sooner rather than later. Not looking forward to redoing this job.

Other things in progress:
  • There has been no sign of the missing area rugs (except the small Egyptian one we found earlier).

  • I am slowly working my way through the boxes yet to be unpacked. There are many.

  • We have taken three FULL van loads of stuff to Salvation Army, and will surely be taking more.

  • We have selected a pool contractor and design, and will start construction in a few weeks!

  • We hacked back much of the meadow in the backyard, including one-third of the overgrown, unkempt, mosquito-infested cedar hedge. Steve mowed, and the yard actually looks usable now.
  • I've decided that I quite like my master bedroom. It is small indeed, but everything fits (well, except for most of Steve's clothing, which is stored in Brian's closet), it is sunny and cosy, and, while it doesn't have a full 4-piece ensuite bathroom, it does at least have its own water closet.
  • We've ordered two corner china cabinets for the dining room. Until they arrive in September, all the china and glassware will remain in boxes. As I mentioned above, we left the "blind corner" in the kitchen empty (i.e., no cabinet in the kitchen, but it will have countertop over it). Instead, we will cut through the wall on the other side and will install built-in drawers in the dining room. A little unusual, to be sure, but a really efficient use of space. It will give me somewhere to store all my dining room linens and serving pieces.

So all is progressing here. Don't forget to vote in the backsplash poll!

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  1. You can add a strip of wood to the front of the shelves. They look more substantial and keep the shelves from sagging. Like step three on this page. Just use a wood you like and it can go below the edge of the shelf.


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