Monday, November 30, 2015

Move along, Li'l Miss Snoop.

Snoop, or as I nicknamed her: Li'l Miss Snoop
That picture was taken the very first day Snoop was with us. Today, I made the decision to move her on to another foster home.

Snoop is an older dog, between eight and ten years old and was simply born to love. She wants to snuggle with every person she meets, is drawn like a magnet to any lap in range, and knows how to be sedate indoors. When she gets outdoors, she suddenly shows the energy of a toddler and zooms around the back yard after squirrels.

I was swiftly falling in love, as were the other members of our family. I debated trying to convince my husband (when he returns from his month-long trip to India) that this dog should be part of my family, but as I've written before, that isn't the plan.

At the same time, I'm finding it difficult to manage three dogs at once. Snoop wasn't a lot of work, but I couldn't feed her or walk her at the same time as the two big dogs, so it did add some work to my day. That is time that I could use to continue Rex's training. Or,you know, read a book.

So rather than continuing to bond with this lovely girl, I requested that another foster take her home. I was fortunate that another foster was available right away, so Snoop is now with her foster-mom Alexandra.

I cried a little as I said goodbye to Li'l Miss Snoop. I wish it weren't so hard to find homes for older foster dogs. She deserves one as much as any other puppy does -- and she will certainly fill a home with love.

Alexandra and I are in touch through social media, so I will continue to follow Snoop's story, and will do all I can to help her find a forever home for Snoop.


  1. Aww, she seems really sweet. I am sure I would get attached really quick too. I had a very hard time leaving a barn kitty the other day.

    1. These little animals just pull on our heartstrings. I think part of why I feel so much for Snoop is that I know it may take ages to find a forever home and so I want to leap in and truly rescue her. It may happen yet.


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