Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Back to Reality

View across a lake toward Mont Tremblant, Quebec.
This panoramic picture is actually made up of about 14 vertical photographs combined.
Earlier in October, Steve and I took a mid-week break and went to Mont-Tremblant. We had some serious stuff on our itinerary, but we also wanted to get in some really good (and easy) hiking with Kane.

We stayed two nights at a B&B near Mont-Tremblant that welcomed dogs. It was right across the street from a former rail bed that had been turned into a walking path. We walked there for a while, but then noticed that dogs were prohibited. I'm sure dogs walk there all the time, but we didn't want to get in trouble.

Kane enjoying the path.

The next day, we got down to work in the morning, going over spreadsheets as we answered the question: where did all the money go? (Well, not all the money, but more than we had expected.) We came home with an action plan which we'll review monthly.

Then we headed up to the mountain, which is a very popular ski village about two hours from our home. In the off-season, the ski trails are open for hikers and other non-snow adventurers. A hiking trail ran alongside a small stream and occasionally joined the ski trails.

Fall was at its most beautiful, I think.

Kane hopped in and out of the stream with great joy.

More wet dog.

Kane was NOT amused at how much the bridge swayed as they walked across.

It was a good chance for me to play with some of my art photography skills.

Are you dizzy yet?

I really like this one. It does a good job of showing how komorebi (light falling through leaves) actually feels.

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