Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You'll shoot your eye out!

My #100happydays #stillhappy picture for Monday was a snap of this delicious caramel candy.

It was one of my favourite childhood candies - a brick of caramel taffy that you whacked against a hard surface to produce shards of taffy like this.

Tiny morsels of delight to stick in your mouth. Each little shard melts into a gooey, gluey glob of sugar - it is extremely sticky. As I sucked and chewed on my third mouthful of tidbits, I felt a pain in one of the teeth in my left jaw, so I switched to the other side of my mouth and thought about how horrible this candy was for dental work, of which I happen to have a great deal. (I've lost count of how many crowns I have.)

Did I stop eating it? No.

Did I stop chewing and stick to sucking? No. It's just too hard to NOT chew.

On about the fourth mouthful, I felt something hard wrapped in the caramel. This had happened.

I took this picture after I got home.
Oh, so very predictable. I felt like the kid in The Christmas Story who actually managed to knock his glasses off the very first time he shot his Red Ryder BB gun.

I saw my dentist this morning and will start working on a new crown tomorrow.

I would say that's an expensive bit of candy, but my dentist had already warned that the crown was failing and would need replacement, so I figure this is just a delightful way to get things started.



  1. Ugh. Gross. I'm glad your dentist didn't yell at you! That candy is worth replacing all your crowns!

  2. Oh I love that candy!! I haven't had any in years... and since I don't have any dental work or crowns.... hhhmmmm. :)
    I'm sure your dentist doesn't really mind -- it's more $$ in his pocket, right?

    1. Go for it! Apparently it's everywhere now. My current dentist (unlike others I've had) is not about the money, fortunately. He takes a very conservative approach, generally.


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