Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Stinky, Part II

To read part I of this story, go here. I'm too lazy to give much of a back story, except to say that the city planted a tree right on top of our sewer and storm lines. The tree subsequently grew thick roots through the pipes and managed to cause a sewage back-up into the house.

This year, the city scheduled a two-year check up and found that roots had re-invaded the pipe. The solution was to clean it out again and then, this time, line it with a "cured-in-place pipe."

Today was the big day for the laying of the pipe. (Stop snickering.)

It took two men a full day to line our existing pipes, all of which went smoothly, though dinner was delayed because we couldn't run water while this was happening.

What I hadn't expected was the stench, though I suppose I should have if I'd done any research. Turns out the product is a resin-saturated tube of felt. If you've ever worked with resins, you know that, even in small quantities, they are pungent. This was enough resin to saturate more than 30 metres of pipe.

They left the house about four hours ago, and we've had the windows open all day and evening (thank God it's mild!), but it is still unbearable to enter the basement. Worse, we don't have a door to the basement, so the fumes are infiltrating the rest of the house.

Our daughter usually sleeps in the basement. She won't be doing that tonight.

I don't know what we could have done differently. Perhaps gone camping? Still, I wish I'd known. And, like I said, I'm glad it is neither stinking hot nor bitterly cold right now, so we can keep the windows open.


  1. Yuck. Sounds lovely for you. I never understood planting tress where it will grow into the sewer. Our entire city suffers from that and then the city blames the home owner!

  2. Yup. Pretty lame. Fortunately, the stink was entirely gone by the time I got home from yoga tonight. Yay!


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