Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm as Graceful as a Goat*.

Which is to say, not very graceful at all. Not by a long stretch. (Those of you who've read my blog for a while know that this is true.)

Recently, however, I seem to have developed a specialty in destroying white shirts and blouses, particularly where coffee is concerned.


That is a sploosh of coffee down the front of a previously pristine white T-shirt. It happened on my very last day at my old job and prompted me to pop down to a nearby store and purchase a new blouse. (One I like very much, but it was not a planned purchase at all.)

And then, on the very first day at my new job. I grabbed a coffee (in an open-top mug) on my way to a meeting. Almost immediately, I dripped coffee down my front. It was not quite as remarkable as the mess above - and I did have a jacket I could cover it with, but still.

I made a point of finishing the coffee during the meeting, but I still managed to spill it a SECOND TIME when I twisted my arm so I could read the time on my watch. Fortunately, there was only a drip of coffee left and it landed on the floor.

The next day, I brought in a mug with a lid.

On my fifth day in the new office, I managed to knock my (almost empty) mug over during a meeting. No blouses were defaced, but my paperwork was splattered.

Do they make no-spill sippy mugs for coffee? If not, why not?

* In retrospect, goats really aren't that clumsy, are they? I mean, those things can climb cliffs!!! But when I tried to think of another simile, I came up blank. Giraffes look klutzy, but they are actually quite graceful when they run, considering their grotesquely long necks. Google presented some klutzy penguins, but they look rather graceful to me. Look at that recovery!

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