Monday, December 10, 2012

Wonderful Whirlwind Weekend

You may have noticed that Steve and I sometimes try to combine a business trip with a pleasure trip.

  • In September, I tagged along on Steve's business trip to Kingston.
  • In November, Steve joined me in Quebec City, then I stayed on to work.
Well, this past week, Steve had business in the Toronto area, where I happen to have family. So, Emily and I decided to meet Steve in Toronto, and we arranged to meet my Aunt Winkie for dinner, then visit my sister for the weekend.

There are no pictures of Winkie, because she detests having her picture taken. But I did snap some pictures of a few other highlights of the weekend, which we spent with my sister and brother-in-law.
Pat and Ross
On Saturday morning, I [finally] had a visit with my friend, Stephanie, whose beautiful twin girls were born last January.
Happy Mommy

One happy baby
Another baby, monkeying around.
The family dog, just waiting for her to drop the monkey.
The girls were ready for their naps, so Steve and I headed back to my sister Pat's place, where we got ready for a short road trip.
Scooter, none too happy to be excluded from the car ride.
Our destination was Palmerston, where my father, his parents, and one of his sisters are buried. Not what you would call a fun trip, but it was a pleasure to be there and to remember. I never met my grandmother, and I barely knew my grandfather, but I miss my father every day, and I have fond memories of my aunt and her great talent.
Dad loved fishing.
There were not enough days in his life to enjoy this pastime.
We planted some crocuses around the markers, just as my Aunt Winkie has done. She also planted a lilac bush. Obviously, it was not in bloom just now, but it was beautiful, just the same.
I hope lichen is not harmful for lilacs . . . 
It was chilly - snow was dancing lazily - and we were hungry, so we visited nearby Elora to warm up and grab some lunch. Elora is a popular tourist spot in Ontario (at least in the summer), with a quaint downtown.
Dressed up for the season with a uniquely eye-catching colour scheme.
After a home-cooked meal, Pat and I talked late into the evening, as we usually do. Brunch the next morning included my favourite dessert!
Tiramisu (in cake form)
Before we knew it, it was time to pack our bags and head for the train station, but not without a few hugs.
All in all, a wonderful whirlwind weekend. Now to get on with my Christmas preparations; no more excuses!

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