Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dear adverb, I miss you. Terribly.

I keep looking for you, but you are nowhere to be seen.
By cropping tight around the subject you eliminate the background "noise", ensuring the subject gets the viewer's undivided attention.
I want to crop tightly, but can only crop . . .  tight. Crop tight . . . what? Crop tight pants? It feels unfinished, unsatisfying. Unsatisfactory.

From girlswithslingshots.com

See, now, he would've lost me with the "I want you so bad" text. Surely he wants me badly. Unless . . . he wants me to be bad? Oh. I may have misjudged this one.

From Twitter
Does he mean that it's always a fake attractive love triangle that ends in murder? Ugh. I just don't know.

Twitter, of course, is not the best place to find examples of good grammar. In fact, I went there specifically looking for examples of adverb abuse for this blog post. I was not disappointed.

From FML
In the case of this tale of woe, I think she (or he?) got what she deserved, because of two errors:

  1. he may snore loud snorts, but if the word "snorts" is missing, he must snore loudly; and 
  2. he doesn't lay on his side, he lies on his side. Either that, or there is a noun missing: he lays [his arm] on his side.

Oh, adverb, you are as fleeting as spring snow, as elusive as a rainbow. Bravely you struggle against grammatical entropy, valiantly will I fight for your cause.

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