Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Things to do while you are temporarily blind.

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This afternoon, as my field of vision was slowly consumed by a migraine-induced growing blind spot, ringed by kaleidoscopic rays, I got bored.

Sure, the first 15 times or so, it was interesting. Well, after it stopped being scary, that is.

For a while, I would close my eyes and "watch" the light show. Often the aura was not even followed by a headache, so it really was nothing more than a 20-minute visual interlude.

However, they have become so frequent - every five to 15 days - that I've simply lost patience with them. Also the other effects (nausea, headache, stupidity) are becoming increasingly troublesome. And they are inconveniently boring.

I would imagine that people with progressive permanent blindness have ways of coping with the impairment. And I can't imagine the mental anguish that comes with permanently losing your sight.

For the few of us who experience temporary or recurrent episodes of blindness, as I do with migraines, it presents a slightly different challenge.

So, today I consulted a few of my fellow temporary-blindness sufferers and asked them what were their "go-to tactics" for (1) relieving boredom and (2) calming anxiety when afflicted. Here are their tidbits, along with my own.

Relieving boredom: 
  • Listen to music. (satellite radio or iPod/MP3)
  • Snuggle with pets or loved ones.
  • Daydream! (Something we rarely get to do!)
  • Listen to audio fiction, if you want to rest your brain.
  • Listen to audio non-fiction if you want to exercise your brain. "I miss the exchange of ideas that happens when you're young and in college. And when I read now, I tend to want a break from seriousness, but the few times I listen to "Ideas" on CBC Radio 1 I find myself remembering what it was like to learn new things!"
  • Eat. (Coincidentally, I had just picked up some soup and fresh fruit for lunch; easy enough to eat without a full field of vision). Possibly not the best tactic for me to use every time my brain hiccups.
  • Sleep - if you can and are in the right place.
  • Get a facial, massage, manicure or pedicure - if you have the time, and if you don't have to drive. (I seriously considered this today, but had just gotten my nails done on the weekend. And I don't like massages.)
Calming anxiety:
  • Sing. "I sing "my favorite things" from The Sound of Music to myself."
  • Snuggle with pets or loved ones
  • Take a bath
  • Sleep
  • Talk with someone
  • Get a massage, if you're into that.
There must be other ideas we've missed . . .  Share your ideas.


  1. What about meditate or practice mindfulness? I have a deep relaxation CD that takes about 20 min. Or do a few gentle yoga poses? Those are relaxing and stress relieving and things we too often "don't have [make] time for" but really should.

  2. Great suggestions! (The notification about your comment got stuck in my spam folder.)


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