Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feeling Nostalgic

You just never know when googly eyes
will come in handy.
Evidently Christian Louboutin
agrees with me.
Maybe it's because I visited my great-nephew recently.

Or maybe it's because the challenges our kids face now are so much more complicated. Their broken hearts are harder to heal than their scuffed knees. If, that is, they even come to us with their heartaches.

More likely, it's because my biological clock is striking midnight.

In any case, I have been feeling very nostalgic for when our kids were young. On Sunday, as I was walking into a craft store, I glimpsed buckets of sidewalk chalk and remembered all those summers that the kids decorated our driveway. 

Inside the store, I saw a kit of random craft objects (Styrofoam ball, sticks, glue, glitter, feathers, paint) designed for open-ended creativity, and I remembered the kits I put together to bring up to the cottage with us - full of many of the same things. (The Lego required a whole separate bin.)

I can't remember when we stopped buying these things. When we were packing to move from Colorado, Steve asked if we could get rid of the small box of ornamental feathers, buttons, and googly eyes I had carefully labeled as "Glue-on-ables." I think I said no. I think I lost the argument.

Just a little denial there. 

But, while I have fond yearnings for those younger years, I will not for a single moment miss my fertility. Well, except maybe for a few moment of fondness for the miracles of pregnancy and newborns. I am so glad I got to experience those. 

But I certainly won't miss the monthly reminders. I can think of no redeeming feature of menstruation.  

I am very ready for this phase of my life to be tied up with a pretty (red) ribbon, so I can move on to the next phase. (I do hope there will be babies, just not my own.)

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