Friday, June 10, 2011

Life's a Picnik!

As I've been learning how to use my point-and-shoot camera, I've also been playing around with the photo-editing software at, and I have to say ... it is super fun!

I even like how, as their web loads, it gives messages like, "painting skies blue" or "buttering sandwiches." I love whimsy!

Yesterday, I decided to really go artsy-fartsy with the boring pictures I took at Brian's band picnic. You've already seen a few of them in my post about that event. Here are a few of more. (I posted these on Facebook. Click to enlarge and get a better view.)

And here, just for your interest, are a couple of before/after juxtapositions.

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  1. I love playing around with Picnik (also love the loading commentary, and thanks to my sometimes slow internet connection, I've really been able to enjoy the full thing). Thought I'd share this with you- You can download this free beta version of PhotoDirector (a Lightroom competitor), and if you provide feedback by June 20th, they'll give you the full version for free! So far I prefer Picnik, but that might be in part because I'm used to it, and also because I haven't really played around enough to find all of the features. It does allow me to do the colors the same way that you can on picnik (from that tutorial you sent) so that's cool. Anyways, might be worth checking out since you like playing around with photos! I have found (as I've seen mentioned numerous times) that my Picnik edited photos look kind of funny on my blog until you click to enlarge them. Though I haven't noticed this with yours. Of course, your photos are much bigger than I can get mine (if I make mine bigger they just get cut off). How do you make your blog area wider?


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