Thursday, September 23, 2010

The pool is finished!

The rest of the backyard, not so much. So the whole thing still isn't looking so good, and the water is green and cold, so ... no pool party yet!

But here are some pictures:
Last week they formed, then poured, the concrete deck around the pool.

Today, they "dropped" the liner (their terminology) in place.
The guy is NOT peeing on the wall.
He is inserting a special strip that keeps the liner from popping out
of its track if water ever gets under the liner. (Never a good thing.)

The filling begins! It took two big truckloads of water.

And it is filled!
One of the things we like about this pool design is that the steps are designed to work as seats, and there is actually a jet pushing water across that seat - fun to play with with your feet!

It is a saltwater pool, but will need some chlorine to get things cleaned up as the water is a little green. We won't be heating it this year (though Steve insists that he will take at least one plunge in it before we close it up for the winter!).

So the next step is getting the patio laid and the retaining wall built. If you look at the picture at the very top, you'll see that we had to un-build the wall that Steve had laboured over - bummer! That was because we hadn't left enough room for the forms for the concrete deck and they can't build the deck flush up against the rocks. The rocks are liable to move with frost heave, and that would crack the deck. So Steve has started rebuilding the wall, but he and the kids will put more work into it this coming weekend.

And early next week, my guy Channing will show up to lay the patio! That will be a momentous occasion, as it will signal the end of the non-stop sand and dirt being tracked into the house. I tell you, I am FED UP with the dirt. I've been sweeping the front hall at least three times a day for the past several weeks.

Also, next week, we're having a new furnace (gas instead of oil), air conditioner and hot-water tank installed. The fun & games just never end around here! Woo-hoo!


  1. Wynanne you should not be feeling FED UP with all of this beautiful work. You are so lucky to be able to afford it!

    You are certainly not living in poverty. :)

  2. Indeed, I AM very grateful, and I know we will enjoy it for years and years to come. It's just the process that is grating just now.

  3. Surprisingly, I am looking forward to building the retaining wall. My back isn't, but my brain is!

  4. It's gorgeous! Your family will have so much fun with it next year!


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