Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting excited!

We leave on our week-long house-hunting trip this Saturday! Yeah!

So far, we have about a dozen houses on our list. The less expensive ones are mostly fixer-uppers or a little further away from downtown. The really inexpensive ones are both. Then there are the pricier ones in the nicer neighbourhoods. Those ones tend to be on the small side.

I got a little anxious a couple of weeks ago because houses were selling so quickly. In fact, we sold our little house in only 5 days, and got $5,000 over asking. That was nice for us as sellers; now the shoe is on the other foot.

Oh, incidentally, we decided to sell the small house and buy something that (mostly) fits our current needs. We don't mind doing some renovations, but don't want the headache of a major reconstruction or build-from-scratch.

While we're gone, our friends Joe and Mary will be house-, kid-, and cat-sitting. They need your prayers.


I don't know how to prepare them for the general chaos that three kids bring, even when (or especially because?) all three are teenagers. Plus, I've been a bad mommy and haven't prepared a week's worth of casseroles for them. Just not that organized. Heck, I consider it an achievement that all the kids are up on their prescriptions. Would it be horrible if I just left them a week's worth of pizza/Chinese/Greek takeout money? Yes. It probably would.

But we will leave them some funds for at least one of those. Maybe two: one takeout, one eat out.

So wish us all luck!


  1. All the best in your search for your new family home! ~ Mary ANn

  2. We have a pantry full of Kraft dinner and Chef Boy-ar-dee. Joe, Mary & the kids are set!

  3. If you're not against a little wine, leave them some wine. That'll help them deal with anything that comes their way with three teenagers (cuz 3 teenagers, I doubt ANYONE could be prepared for!).



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